Always Essential..Always SHELL™

Alway Essential...Always SHELL™

We've been stuck in the house like everyone else for the past couple of weeks but we're making the best of it - staying safe and staying SHELL™. The one routine that thankfully hasn't changed for us is our food. We cook a lot so having our neighborhood grocery store open and largely stocked has been a blessing. 

This week we're dropping a special tee that pays homage to one of the most essential businesses in Charlotte during these crazy times - Harris Teeter!

Cheaper than Whole Foods, cleaner than Food Lion, and classier than Wal-Mart - you cant beat Harris Teeter. I mean, seriously, how many times have you bought lettuce from Wal Mart and it starts turning brown before you make your second cheeseburger later that day?

The Teeter stay with that fresh organic broccoli, celery, lettuce, kale, and collards - I mean all the fresh green veggies. Best produce in the city!

Anyway - this tee is available for purchase now with Free Shipping. We also upgraded to a heavier 100% cotton tee with the same soft feel. You'll love it just like the others - trust us. 

We took some pics in a mostly empty Teeter early one morning still getting our social distancing on. Check those out below! 

Wash your hands, stay inside, and get SHELL™ so you're ALWAYS SHELL™.




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