Pretty Girls Get Shell Too - The Rasberry Collection!!


We're doing our best to continue operating as normal during trying times in the world! Through all of this we're staying SHELL™ - that's the only way to ride this thing out. 

Normally in spring, everybody would be hitting new restaurants and doing fun things outside because the weather is absolutely gorgeous in Charlotte. We planned several photoshoots for March / April to showcase the many collections we had prepped for 2020. I'm sure we'll get to those very very soon. 

Luckily, some wonderful ladies took some dope photos in our Rasberry collection right before everything hit the fan!! They truly killed it and let everyone know - PRETTY GIRLS GET SHELL TOO!

Check them rocking the Alternate Logo Tee, Alternate Logo Crop Hoodie, and Outline Tee in the awesome pics below! Check all variations in Tops and New Releases!


Wash your hands, stay inside, and get SHELL™ so you're ALWAYS SHELL™.


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