The Finest WFH Tee Ever - SHELL™ Supima Logo Tee

The Finest WFH Tee Ever - SHELL™ Supima Logo Tee

Our newest drop features the SHELL™ Supima Logo Tee made of 100% SUPIMA® cotton. What is SUPIMA® you say? Well its only the finest cotton in the world - luxury brands all over the world use it. When a brand lists SUPIMA®, you know you are getting a premium product. It is longer than normal cotton making it a stronger yet softer fabric. Its sustainable by nature and 100% American Grown! Check out for more science on the cotton.

Have you ever wondered why a Gucci or Prada plain t-shirt costs $200-300? Well part of that is definitely the brand equity in their name Gucci or Prada, but the other reason is because they are using the highest quality of fabrics and materials available - like SUPIMA® cotton.

This tee features cotton grown in California under strict, quality controlled guidelines. We've been testing these out for about 5 months and they get softer with every wash. The colors are still vibrant, the fit still the same.

Being stuck at home we realized that this is by far our favorite tee - we wear it all day long and feel more productive in it (its a mindset ya'll). I know it will be your favorite Work From Home (WFH) Tee like forever or a really, really long time ...whichever is longest.

We've offered this tee in Navy, Lavender, and Black with some variation between each colorway.

We also released two new tees that feature a more streetwear-influenced style using heavyweight cotton and a boxy fit. The So Shell Tee and The Sick Tee.

We're offering all of these tees with free shipping now.

Check out some pics below!

Creative as ever, thankful as ever, shell as ever. Stay safe. Stay Shell. Always SHELL™.


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