Shell Clothing Brand Mascot

The Shell Clothing Brand Mascot

On April 20th, 1996 in Charlotte, NC, Shell Clothing Brand was founded along with its iconic logo and mascot. The turtle shell logo everyone has come to love has been on public display across our brand since our e-commerce store launched in January 2019. 

But unless you have made recent purchases from us, no one has seen our mascot......

Without further ado - the Shell™ Mascot!

Born 4/20/96 @ 4:20PM EST in Charlotte, NC, the Shell™ Mascot just loves to hang out in his shell and rock dope outfits. You'll learn more about him as he becomes featured prominently across the brand. 

With the state of the world, we're going to delay the release of any garments with mascot designs until we can be out in public together. This mascot and the pieces we've made are too special to release just because...... 

But you may be able to change our minds....we're offering an Always SHELL Sticker Pack that includes holographic stickers and buttons with the mascot. Purchase that now for $6 with free shipping!

We sold out of all our face coverings and was able to donate over 40 masks throughout the community! It went so well we are working on some new cut and sewn masks - sign up for our newsletter and follow our Instagram to be the first to know. 

Wash your hands, stay safe, Stay Shell, Always SHELL™! 

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