The Shell Patrol Hoodie

The Shell Patrol Hoodie

Put this hoodie on and you're instantly the authority on how to be safely shell. Kinda like a lifeguard except you're always always.

This hoodie is perfect for chilly beach nights or the comfort of your conference room aka your living room couch while daydreaming about the beach. 

Customize with SouthsideNorthsideEastside, or Westside USA. 

Available in Black and Red. Free Shipping.

Only on


  1. 1. Get Shell.
  2. 2. Go To Beach at Dusk / Night.
  3. 3. Put on Hoodie.
  4. 4. Patrol the Beach.
  5. 5. Ensure Everyone is Safe and Shell.
  6. 6. Zone Out to Graphic on Back of Hoodie.

-Stay Safe. Stay Shell. Always Shell.



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