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About Us

Our Story

I originally created SHELL™ Clothing Brand because I personally ran out of unique, cool t-shirts, hoodies, polos, and hats to wear. We used to scour eBay and vintage shops for t-shirts no one else would have; now you just need to stop by your local Target to see the same items.

When I started designing products, I knew that I wanted to subtly represent my hometown - Charlotte, NC. One thing kept popping up in these designs - the word SHELL.

The slang term “SHELL” is unique to Charlotte (and North Carolina) and represents being hard, fearless, crazy, wild, and/or overly confident. It is a term that is used by everyone, from children to grandparents, in their own way. What better way to pay homage to the city that made me who I am today?

When I set out to create the perfect logo for the SHELL™ brand, I instantly thought of one of my favorite creatures in the world - the turtle. We chose the turtle shell as the basis of the logo because it is symbolic of determination, perseverance, strength, patience, and longevity. 

We have started on the journey to establish SHELL™ as a global brand and can look no further than our classic logo to remind us of what it takes to reach that goal!

Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to establish SHELL™ as a brand that expands multiple industries, caters to a diverse demographic, and will always subtly represent Charlotte. We aim to be a pillar in our community and aim to support wildlife initiatives involving turtles. Within the next five years, SHELL™ plans to expand the clothing brand by including mass production, establishing local partnerships and celebrity endorsements.


    Brand Motto

    SHELL™ is a multifaceted apparel brand representing individuals from all walks of life. A slang term used heavily in Charlotte and other North Carolina cities; SHELL™ is a verb/adjective used to describe individuals who are hard, tough, overly confident, wild or crazy (in a good way)! Whether you're grinding in the streets, or in the boardroom, make sure you’re ALWAYS SHELL.


    Justin Pompey

    Founder, Designer