If you know, you know. 

We're from Charlotte, NC where we've been using the slang term "shell" for our entire lives. It means whatever you want it to mean - if you're from around here, you know what it means. 

Our clothing brand subtly represents Charlotte, the Carolinas, and the South through classic American styling infused with modern streetwear influences.

We chose a turtle shell to represent our brand because they are symbolic of determination, perseverance, strength, patience, and longevity - all qualities that we hold to the upmost importance.

We're passionate about turtle conservation and advocates for CBD & medicinal cannabis. 

About Our Logo

Our turtle shell logo design was inspired by our founder's Father and his time in the United States Air Force. This Triple OG honorably served in the 701st Airlift Squadron out of Charleston Air Force Base. His unit flew massive C-17 military transport planes during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

701st Airlift Squadron - Charleston Air Force Base - Shell Clothing Brand Turtle

The 701st emblem is a turtle that symbolizes the squadron and its mission. The turtle represents the reliable and trustworthy performance of the unit aircraft, and the load it carried indicates the Airlift Mobility Command's mission of hauling cargo or troops. The headset symbolizes the constant alertness and attention to duty required of the assigned combat crews.